Who We Are

Sovereign Management is limited liability company registered in Czech Republic as an alternative investment fund with its registered office in the Czech Republic.

In order to provide services, in 2020 we were registered with the Czech National Bank in the list of institutions administering assets in a manner comparable to the management of investment funds under § 15 of Act No.240/2013 Coll.

The main task of Sovereign Management is investment of entrusted funds to joint portfolio on an analysis basis, which will be concluded on the level of global economic development as well as on the micro level of each specific company or project which provides the increase of the assets of joint portfolio.

Our services are offered exclusively to a closed and approved group of clients and are not actively offered to the public.


What We Offer

In order to achieve the increase of the assets of joint portfolio, we invest under management primary in the following investing instruments:

  • stocks, or in into stocks convertible investment instruments, or in other forms of direct participation on corporations;
  • bonds, or into bonds convertible investment instruments;
  • funds or ETFs;
  • market or sector indexes;
  • commodities and derivatives;
  • money market instruments;
  • real estate and development projects, direct and indirect;
  • interest bearing loans.

  • We bring together the finest talent to deliver truly distinctive investments and services, helping our clients around the world to achieve their financial objectives


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    Sovereign Management s.r.o.


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